TN253GIS Some common problems faced with GISIZE repository

TN253GIS Some common problems faced with GISIZE repository

In the following Tech Note some common problems faced with GISIZE Repository are detailed.

Case 1: Importing the GISIZE repository

1- If you try to import the GISIZE repository (.GRF file) that is located outside of the C:\ directory.

2- You will get the following error: "Operation Failed!" and in the logger you will see error messages indicating that access is denied.

3- It is mandatory to copy the GISIZE repository .GRF file to the C:\ directory to import correctly. Otherwise, you will get the error.

Case 2: “Unsupported Repository: Repository version is newer than actual GISize version (202101054071 > 202101034069)”

1- This message means that the repository version of GISIZE is not the same version as the GISIZE control.

2- There is a way to verify that the GISIZE control and the repository version are different.

 To do this, go to:

- Control Panel\Programs\Programs and Features

- Open the layout "GISIZE_GEOSpatialWrapper" > Content Properties > GISIZE Info > ControlVersion property.

Note: Control Version property: change the binding option to Constant and the imported control version will appear. It’s important not to save when we finish editing.

3- To solve it, the control and the repository have to have the same version. The following steps must be followed to verify that the control has been installed correctly:

1. Delete existing control.

            2. Reboot GR machine. 
            3. Import the .aapkg of the new control.
            4. Redeploy the App

Case 3: Version GISIZE 2019 “Unsupported Repository: Repository version is older than actual GISize version (0 < 201900003100)” - Version GISIZE 2021 “Initialization failed: Cannot stablish connection with repository.”

This message indicates that it cannot connect to the repository.


For the 2019 version it gets the following popup message on the APP “Unsupported Repository: Repository version is older than actual GISize version (0 < 20190000XXXX)”.

Several situations when you get this error message are obtained:

and in the logger these warning messages are obtained:

For the 2021 version you will get the following message on the Logger “Initialization failed: Cannot stablish connection with repository.”

Review the following points:

- The messages in the client logger for additional information about the connectivity problem.

- The control settings for any incorrect settings (for example, is it configured to connect to Localhost, or does it use Trusted Connection and does the user of the client have permissions?, etc.).

It is important to check the following points: 

- The user has access to the GISIZE Repository (SQL database). 

- The SQL user is an administrator. 

- The GiSISZE Repository node can be pinged. 

- Check that the Intouch/OMI control settings are correct. Maybe there is some parameter with the machine name that does not match. If you’re using OMI, check the namespace configuration “GISIZE_Connection”.

In case that it's not possible to solve the connectivity problem, a workaround could be using a local file repository. The steps would be:


1-      GISIZE Toolbox -> Administration -> Create Runtime File 

2-      Copy the generated file to the client machine to the C:\ directory (in a path accessible by the InTouch/OMI application and the users that start it).

   3- Parameterize the GISIZE control with:

     *UseLocalFile: True (Boolean property that indicates if the connection is made to an SQL server or an GISIZE GEOSpatial Runtime Repository standalone file (.GRR))

     * LocalFile: File path (Contains the full local path (file included) to the location of a GISIZE GEOSpatial Runtime Repository standalone file (.GRR). The control will use this file as its repository data. The property 'UseLocalFile' must be true.)

Important note: this Tech Note is delivered “as is”, that means, it is delivered as a product complementary document, but not included inside Tech Support scope. Therefore, any malfunction derived from the content of this Tech Note is not Wonderware Iberia's responsibility.