TN250GIS GISIZE License Installation

TN250GIS GISIZE License Installation

In the following Tech Note we will follow the necessary steps in order to install the GISIZE license.

1- Open the License Utility app from GISIZE folder.

2- License Utility app will open.

3- Go to the Licenses tab, click to the "Generate Request" and a popup window will be displayed to enter the Activation ID which is indicated in the “License Certificate”  document .


Note: If you have the .GLI file or the demo license, you can skip this step and go to the step 6.

4- Click "accept" button and save the .GRE file that will be generated.

5- Send this file to or open a new ticket at GISIZE Support Portal ( in order to get the GLI file which will be linked to the Activation ID of the license.

6- Go to License Utility app and click the “Licenses” tab. Click “Apply License” and select the .GLI file.

7- The license is installed correctly and, in this case, this license has 15 users.

8- The next step is to assign the license for each GISIZE client, which are those computers that have the GISIZE application running. 

  1. Click the tab “Clients” and “Add Client”. 
  2. Give a name for the client, it can be any name and it does not have to be the name of the machine. Indicate the "IP".

9- The license for the client will be generated and we must verify that the “Status Connection” is "OK".


Note: If "OK" does not appear, check if the client computer has the GISIZE_LicenseRestClient service running which is the service that handles all communications between the client and the license server. So, if it’s not “OK”, run this service.

10- Then we must take the license that we want to assign.

  1. Select the client and click “Assign License”.
  2. Select the license
  3. Select the number of users.


Note: If it were a terminal server and we wanted more users to connect concurrently, then we could put "X" users.

Note: The GISIZE Runtime License should be installed on the client machine.

11- The license has been successfully assigned to the client computer. Verify that you get the message "License successfully loaded and applied"

Important note: this Tech Note is delivered “as is”, that means, it is delivered as a product complementary document, but not included inside Tech Support scope. Therefore, any malfunction derived from the content of this Tech Note is not Wonderware Iberia responsibility.